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Custom Tile Creations
Hand made custom tiles for art decor, baths, kitchens, or pools.
Earth & Fire Painted Tiles
Earth & Fire Painted Tiles brings you old world and contemporary design, hand-painted tiles. We specialize in painted patio tiles, tile stepping stones, and ceramic tiles for kitchens and bathrooms.
Bettina Elsner Artisitic Tiles
Hand Painted Tiles for Kitchen, Backsplash, Bathroom, Pool, Wall, Floor and more... Hand Painted Tiles for many unique applications. Elsner Tile has over 30 years experience to make any project a complete success. Located in Tampa Bay, Florida.
Empire Tile Works
Located in Santa Cruz, California, ETW manufactures tile for a variety of uses. We specialize in handpainted underglazed tiles for kitchens and baths, as well as art glazed tiles for garden and other decorative uses.
Dora Faix Tiles
Handmade and handpainted tiles, murals, mirrors,installations.
Fraser Clay Works Inc.
Fraser Clay Works is an art tile manufacturer specializing in high relief handcrafted wall tiles. Their line includes decorative borders, trims, liners, inserts, decorative tiles and field tiles.
Hand Crafted Ceramic and Metal Tiles
CR Studio4 specializes in Bronze, Pewter and Ceramic Tile. We are a small family business that consists of a complete ceramic facility as well as a foundry.
Artworks by Julia
Tile artist Julia Sweda specializes in custom hand painted tiles, decorative kitchen tile backsplashes, painted tile murals, tile paintings and decorative art tiles.
Natural, handmade ceramics by Earthmaid Tiles
Earthmaid Tiles Studio is based in Knysna, South Africa. Ceramic artist, Marylou Newdigate, and staff design and create various ranges of handmade, hand-painted mosaic tiles with careful attention to detail.
Ceramic Design by YM George
Custom handmade sculptured tiles, mosaics and custom wheelthrown sinks
Bambino Ceramics
A custome tile and pottery studio located in the great Pacific Northwest. Hand carved and painted tiles. Custom tiles for new home and home remodeling installations is our specialty.
Handmade tiles, restoration, plaques, nametiles. Custom architectural ceramics, including decorative tiles, historic restoration and seals and signage. The Critter Line portrays Texas wildlife. Clayworks name pavers and plaques are inscribed by hand.
Don Archer's digital ceramic tile art
Don Archer digitally processes his art and photographs to ceramic tile and works with designers, artists and photographers to create tiles and murals for homes and business.
Our atelier, based in Paris, creates renditions of the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, islamic and 18th century ceramics with great respect for their tradition. We are often commissioned by architects for restoration projects in France and other countries.
Clay Squared to Infinity
Clay Squared specializes in custom projects, historic reproduction, mosaics, along with contemporary tile designs. From fireplaces, backsplashes, floors and walls to outside tiled projects and gift tiles Clay Squared to Infinity can create the tiles for your project.
Handmade Art Tiles
Frank Colson's handmade tile designs feature historical themes of horse & rider. Custom designs and commissions available.
Art Tiles
Unique ceramic murals and tiles made by Vermont artist Janice Walrafen. Working in her Central Vermont studio, she creates graceful images inspired by the beauty and majesty of nature.
Cydahl Studios
Cydahl Studios creates one-of-a-kind architectural and decorative artwork inspired by the Arts and Crafts Movement, Art Nouveau, Impressionism, and Naturalism.
Dabbert Studios

Multi-tiled porcelain wall sculptures and other three dimensional work.
Daggar Art Tile Studios
Beautiful handcrafted Tile creations. Aquatic,floral and New Zealand scenery our specialty. Choose from a wide range of original works. Alternatively you may commision work in which your participation in the design process is welcomed.
Susan Beere Handmade Ceramic Tile Works
Susan Beere creates brilliantly colored, boldly designed one-of-a-kind ceramic tile works, specializing in bas-relief. In a wide range of subject matter, the sizes vary from small hangings to wall-size murals.
Angela Evans handmade feature tiles
Based in Brighton on Englandís south coast, we use casts of fruit and vegetables to make our 4 inch tiles. Other designs are hand drawn with a variety of objects.
Architectural Ceramics-Art Tile Panels
Handmade, handcolored clay tile panels suitable for interior environments. Private and corporate commission work accepted.
Foundry Art - Fine Bronze Tiles
Handcarved tiles and matching cabinet knobs cast in bronze for residential and commercial use. From Lowitz & Company, a small company founded on beautiful design and exceptional service.
Fired Earth Designs
Our custom hand made tile projects will liven up any setting, commercial or residential. Countertops, logos, fountains, back-splashes and murals.
Arboreal Arts
Handmade ceramic tiles for the home, garden, or special moments in life. Styles range from rustic to art nouveau.
ARTILES at Oannes Gallery
Handcrafted decorative relief tiles inspired by art through the ages. Shown here:"Two Monkeys" based on painting by Peter Bruegel, 8 x 8in.
California Clay
I specialize in custom kitchen and bathroom tile. Each terra cotta, porcelain and stoneware tile is hand cut, impressed and under- or over-glazed to create beautiful functional art for your home.
Custom Tile Murals by Kimball Brook Murals
Kimball Brook Murals - custom tile murals- uses the latest computer image design and transfer technology to create beautiful ceramic tile wall murals for home or business.
Cergamics Custom Art Tiles
Custom hand crafted tiles, panel, murals and art pieces. Relief and/or hand-painted.
Isabel Aboim, Ceramica
Tiles, with medieval engraving reproductions. Hand-made and painted tiles to be used as Outdoors Art in your garden, or also to be applied in a special board, like paintings, throughout your house and providing you another way to live inside, with tiles.
Alchemie Studio
Full line of decorative relief tile, trim and field tile. Specializing in fountain and fireplace components of historical and original design, Batchelder reproductions and Arts and Crafts style landscape relief tile.
Leslie Ann Black, Hand Painted Tiles
Hand Painted Tiles, specializing in Country and Folkart designs.
Artistic Tile & Stone Handpainting Studio
All of our murals are commissioned works. The murals can be created on any tile, glazed or unglazed. We paint with glaze, which is fired in our kiln making the mural so hard it can only be damaged by extreme abrasion.
Cookson and McNally Ceramic Landscapes
Artworks by the artists Chloe Cookson and Rory McNally. Includes architectural ceramics produced at Shaws of Darwen, ceramic pebble fountains, tile map sculptures for Leicester and technical tips for producing large ceramic sculpture.
Earth Images
Earth Images specializes in handmade raku tiles made with the nature lover in mind.
Aardvark Handmade Tiles and Paintings
Aardvark Handmade Tiles & Paintings by Neil Ehrlich. A wide selection of interesting handmade tiles, easily available at affordable prices. Good for splashbacks, fireplace surrounds, trivets, small gifts, etc. Also watercolour and oil paintings.
Pamela McNay
BigBlueHeaven.com Handpainted Tiles by Pamela McNay Address tiles, mirror frames, murals and more. Original and fun designs.
Juliet Ehrlich - Silverhawk Exhibit in Ceramics
Award winning studio artist creating original clay murals for architectural commissions
Creative Design Tiles
Tile murals, fountains and other designs in hand sculpted, ceramic, mosaic tiles for residential and commercial installations. '98 Spectrum Intl. Grand Prix winner for D'Ascanio res. gates.
Karen Mack Tiles
Tile artisan Karen Mack of Havana, Florida crafts creative and decorative glass and ceramic custom tiles of distinction.
Architectural Ceramics & Mosaics
Stephen Charnock, a ceramic artist based in the U.K. has specialised in making bespoke tile & mosaic murals for public commissions. His work employs a wide variety of mosaic and ceramic techniques.
Anima Ceramic Design
Art Tile and Mosaic
Carol Sinclair Ceramics
Handmade Tiles & Handcrafted Ceramics
Chrysalis Tile
Chrysalis Tile Studio has been creating exceptional, one of a kind art tiles since 1989. Large murals for installation in showers, kitchens, bathrooms floors, spas, etc. are our specialty
Batik Tile
Vibrant ceramic tiles featuring rich floral and geometric themes.
Equipment of Culture

Handpainted Ceramic Tiles
Stone Mosaics
Art on Tiles
by Lucia Fort
Miller Art Tile
Catalina Island Tile
Claystone Architectural Ceramics
Tiles and Architectural Ceramics
Featuring the work of Victor.
Ait Manos
Custom Tile Studio
E. Joseph McCarthy and his staff have been designing and executing fine ceramic murals for over a decade. Specializing in large scale murals, each piece is custom designed to fit into the decor and configurations of the specific location. Representational to abstract, McCarthy's work encompasses a variety of styles and imagery.

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