The Saint Michael Church

I think I found my definition of paradise. There is a little church on the island of Capri, in the town of Anacapri (there are only 2 towns, Capri & Anacapri), which I thought you might be interested in knowing about. The entire floor is a Garden of Eden (majolica) scene complete with Adam, Eve, the Snake wrapped around what would be a small life sized tree, waterways, jungle-type wetlands, islands, lots o' animals (many of which are life size or near to life size) & some were kinda funky too. It was amazing. The church is called San Michelle. Built in 1719. The tiles were brought from Naples -- made/painted by Leonardo Chiaiese. It's quite a tile site/sight.

Everything in the town was majolica. The benches, house numbers, street signs, little maps, store fronts and signs. I was in heaven & it felt like it so high up on this hunk of limstone with water, water everywhere. Also saw some great Roman ruins. Can you say that? If they are ruined -- how can they be great? Well, they were. Tiberius made Capri the capital of the empire for his last 10 years. Smart man. He just wanted to hang out and party -- and what a nice place to do both.

Just thought you'd want to know about this "strange" but wonderful little church.

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From the guide brochure:
"The Saint Michael Church in Anacapri, one of the most precious monuments of the Neapolitan XVIIIth century school, was founded in 1719.
Of great interest are the high Altar of marble and the side Altars of wood.
There are also beautiful paintings of famous Neapolitan masters of the XVIIIth century, as Fancesco Solimena, Paolo de Matteis, Giacomo deo Po, [and] Nicola Malinconico.
The remarkable mosaic floor, made of maioliques brought fomr Naples, represents the Earthly Paradise and the expulsion of Adam and Eve out of it. All is the work of Leonardo Chiaise."
Chiesa Monumentale Di San Michele
Piazza San Nicola
Anacapri - Isola Di Capri
Tel. (081) 8372396

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